Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Diwali celebrations

Last week, we celebrated Diwali in style. There was music, dancing, henna, designing mehndi patterns, competitions and so many more exciting activities taking place around the school.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hieroglyphics, Te Reo Maori and Descriptive writing!

Wow! What another busy week in Room 17 this week.

We have been learning about different ancient civilisations for our new Inquiry topic. This week we enjoyed writing our names in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Can you use the code to work out our names?


We also wrote some descriptions using our senses to describe the picture. We used lots of adjectives, interesting verbs and nouns. Some of us even managed a simile or two!

We also enjoyed learning some phrases every day for Maori Language Week. We loved hearing the Maori Myths too!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Well done Leylanii for making the Poetry and Speech Finals this week!!!

Your speech on learning to swim was AWESOME!

You delivered your speech brilliantly and you didn't seem nervous or need to use your cue cards at all. Fantastic work!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Book Week Parade!

Our fantastic week of everything books came to a close today with our amazing Book Character parade. What an array of awesome costumes and so many book characters all around the school. We all got together for a gathering of fun and celebration...Mrs O'Regan even won the best dressed staff member! Woohoo... those sewing lessons came in very handy!
Congratulations to Room 17's Rawiri for winning the bookmark competition, Jasmine who won the book cover competition and Lucy and Rawiri who won the best dressed students!

Phew!!! What a week...How can we beat this week? How about Speech and poetry finals and Bee Fit Fun Run next week?!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Crime Scenes, Pyjamas and the Book Doctor!

Phew! Another busy day in Room 17.

We arrived this morning to find our classroom cordoned off. Only CSI personnel were allowed in. Once we had our badges, we entered the crime scene, being very careful not to contaminate the evidence!
Mayor Fresburg's body was found and Room 17 Investigators worked together, sifting through the evidence, reading witness reports and finding the motive in order to solve the case!

We loved solving the crime!

The Book Doctor visited us after morning tea to look at all the amazing adjectives, verbs and adverbs that we found in our favourite books.

After lunch there was even more fun! This time, sharing stories together at our pyjama party. We had milk and cookies to make it even more exciting and we read with our friends while listening to music.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Book Week Fun!

         We made it to Week 5!
                 Book Week is here!!!

The teachers have been very busy planning exciting competitions, games, and activities for everyone at Pakuranga Heights this week!

It's only Monday and already we have entered an "i Spy" competition, have had a surprise celebrity reader to our class, and have had a game of musical reading chairs! Some of us have been chosen to read a story to another class and we have all been enjoying Mrs O'Regan's scavenger hunt, finding the clues around the school. 

Phew!!! By Friday we will be exhausted!


Alyssa's i-Spy entry. 

Good Luck Alyssa!

         Leilah and Raeesah worked together for their entry. Good Luck girls!

Guess who is coming to read in AS1 today?

There's nothing like a game of Musical book chairs in the sun!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Stay Safe Around Electricity!

Today, lucky Middle School Students were able to attend a presentation from Vector about how to stay safe around electricity. Esther was a fantastic presenter and we learned heaps from her about what not to do around electricity and how to stay safe! We also got a cool booklet to fill in and we were given a pencil made from recycled newspaper!

Leilah and Manuel were our Superstars and got to dress up as Vector workers in all their safety gear!